Founder, President and CEO of UC Funds

Daniel M. Palmier is founder, President and CEO of UC Funds. He has been in the real estate business for over 25 years, as investment manager, owner, developer, and financier. Palmier believes in cultivating strong relationships with both leading senior lenders and real estate partners. Palmier is also one of the most active philanthropists in the United States, combining financial resources, education, social services, and volunteerism to improve lives and communities across all continents.

Palmier founded UC Funds in 2010. UC Funds is a vertically integrated private commercial real estate firm that originates, structures, underwrites, and manages commercial real estate investments. A national balance sheet provider of both debt and equity capital solutions, UC Funds has provided over $2 billion of capital solutions to date. UC Funds offers quick and customized financial solutions throughout the entire capital stack, including joint venture equity. One of the nation’s most entrepreneurial lending institutions, UC Funds focuses on multifamily, retail, office, hotel, industrial/warehouse, adaptive reuse, and construction assets nationwide. The firm has developed strong relationships with past and current borrowers/partners through their renowned customer service, creativity, speed, and reliability. UC Funds is known as the most sophisticated financial ally to best in class entrepreneurs throughout the USA.


Former President and CEO of Potomac Realty Capital

In 2004, Palmier founded and served as the President, and CEO of Potomac Realty Capital. From 2004 – 2008 Potomac originated $3 billion of various commercial real estate assets. Other professional contributions includes the role of Executive Vice President of Arbor Realty Trust (NYSE:ABR), overseeing Arbor’s overall credit, risk and asset management functions. In his final three years at Arbor, Palmier structured and originated the highest volume of transactions for the firm and was key executive on 2004 IPO. Before joining Arbor, he was a Vice President with Lehman Brothers Holdings, where he managed $18 billion of investments in publicly traded limited partnerships.

Palmier believes strongly that real estate investment requires a sophisticated understanding of finance, and the ability to see his partner’s vision and craft a capital solution that makes sense for all parties involved.

The Palmier Foundation

Equally important to Palmier is The Palmier Foundation. Steeped in Judeo-Christian values, The Palmier Foundation’s mission statement is to acquire and grow resources that assist individuals in local and global communities to attain a better quality of life. The Palmier Foundation works on the principle that helping and serving others is divine and blesses all those who participate. Through The Palmier Foundation, Palmier continues many philanthropic pursuits including The Asian Christian Academy, various missions in Haiti, InterVol, the Catholic Schools Foundation (of Boston and New York), Harvard and Tufts Hillel, Notre Dame Sorin Society, Perspective Ministries, CHARMED Foundation, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, the Kelly Cares Foundation, Rivertown Church, and the Wounded Warriors Project.